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Vietnam Timeless Charm!

Recommendation of keeping Vietnam tourism slogan " Vietnam Timeless Charm ".

The strategy of developing Vietnam's tourism brand to 2025, forward to 2030 is being built, the Vietnam General Department of Tourism proposes to retain the brand identity and slogan "Timeless Charm vietnam-" (Vietnam - endless beauty) and focus to increase the inner values, while promoting tele-communicated brand; priorities in 4 core values (time, commitment, mystery, intensity) and 4 tourism product lines (cultural tourism, cruises & islands, ecotourism, natural tourist city), in which tourism product line are introduced to the market key objectives.

Vietnam Tourism slogan "Vietnam -Timeless charm"

The proposal also sets targets: raising awareness and skills; focusing on developing a brand of tourist destinations and prominent tourist areas, high quality; identify and promote the brand, the typical image. On measures, the project prioritizes on promotion, together with synchronous and long-term solutions ; awareness raising about mechanisms, policies and investments; supports local business and tourism to strengthen management capacity; strengthening connection and inter-regional collaboration and interdisciplinary and international cooperation. Also, the proposal also defines the framework plan for each stages.
Currently, the General Department of Tourism has been encouraging response, participation of businesses, locals to promote effective strategies to promote tourism development in Vietnam. Tourism Authority continue to improve project preparation workshop consultation of businesses, local authorities in the future.

Vietnam - The Hiden Charm

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